The following is a list of my favorite fics. These have left a mark in my soul, are my
comfort blankets, have cheered me up or even made me suffer along with the characters.

I have more recommendations to add, but since this page has been neglected enough, I'm
starting with my top favorites. Come back for continuous updates.

If you have a good rec you don't see here, odds are I haven't read it. So
tell me which it is.


A n g s t           .

The Soul Cages series, by Andariel.
The series is based on an alternate ending to the battle on the Statue of Liberty.
Rating is around a strong PG-13 (approaching M) for the entire series for language,
implied sexual situations, and mild violence.
Why I rec it: it's intense, it's dramatic, and it couldn't feel truer as a continuation to the

Edge, by Charon.
Logan returns to find a disturbingly darker Marie.
Rated R.
Why I rec it: it's poetic, it's erotic, and it's dark. It's beautiful.

Save the Last Dance For Me, by darkstar.
After humans turn against mutants, Rogue and Logan find themselves trapped in a
strange world in which they have no memory of a past nor hope for a future. Fate
reunites them and now it's time to make a choice. Survival or freedom? Fear or love?
(Character death.)
Rated PG-13 to R for violent images.
Why I rec it: this was… there are no words for this. It hurts, and it has an ending you’ll
never be able to forget, or want to.

Do You Hate What You See?, by Donna Bevan.
In the wake of something terrible, Rogue struggles to understand why Logan’s feelings
for her have changed.
Rated R.
Why I rec it: one of the best Angst fics out there, it transmits the characters' emotions
until you are feeling what they are. It is so clear, yet complicated, and feels so incredibly

Big Crunch Series, by Jengrrrl.
Logan and Rogue, chaos and order, misery and happiness.
Rated PG to R.
Why I rec it: this was the first fanfic I ever read, and I couldn't have asked for a better
introduction to the fandom.

Jus Ad Bellum, by Jenn.
One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every possibility. Rogue discovers who
she is, could have been, and everything she can become.
Rated R. This story deals with many controversial themes; racism, terrorism, war,
violence, sexual situations, both consensual and non; and mature situations.
Why I rec it: my personal favorite fanfic. Beautifully written, with an incredible mix of
angst, romance, fluff, action and drama. Jenn is not afraid to touch difficult and
controversial issues, and is very prudent as she handles different points of view without
being biased or contemptuous. Don’t worry about the missing Epilogue, this is a MUST

Northern Territories, by jjblazer.
AU, a post apocalyptic world with a few survivors.
Rated NC-17.
Why I rec it: full of angst, action and romance, you’ll get swept away with this with the
first chapter. And you won’t be able to turn your eyes away until the last.

Fatal Caress Series, by Misty Flores.
A Logan and Rogue ensemble series.
Rated R.
Why I rec it: this has it all. Action, angst, you name it. Besides, it was the first X-Men
movieverse fic written. Enough said.

Fissure, by Ransom.
Rogue's post-X2 thoughts.
Rated PG-13.
Why I rec it: this is mostly a Rogue fic, where she’s a cynical, sardonic, dark mix of
personalities, and Ransom’s characterization couldn’t be more on spot.

D r a m a           .

A Stolen Season, by Khaki.
Mutant control is underway. How does it affect Logan and Rogue?
Rated PG-13.
Why I rec it: it’s heart-wrenching, it’s dramatic, and it’s even sweet and romantic. And
what’s more, it has the Legacy virus.

Every Purpose Under Heaven, by Macha.
And you thought the MRA was bad...
Rated R.
Why I rec it: it's a perfect combination of drama, angst, fluff, and romance. It’s one of
the best stories I've ever read.

F o o f              .

Obsessions, by cschoolgirl.
Everyone has an obsession, or is that fetish?
Rated NC-17.
Why I rec it: there’s a fetish, there’s Logan and Rogue, there’s the belt buckle, and
this is the funniest way of approaching this situation. What more could you ask for?

Overheard, by Victoria P. and Jenn.
Logan fulfills his obligations.
Rated NC-17.
Why I rec it: it’s hilarious. All dialogue, all incredibly funny.

R o m a n c e      .

My Beauty, by Diebin.
Rogue seeks comfort in the arms of Logan. Fluff. It's a good thing.
Rated R.
Why I rec it: it's one of the first stories I read and still one of my favorites. It’s sweet, it’s
inspirational, it’s comforting, and it’s beautiful.