Title: Habitats of a Beast
Author: Khaki
Series: Second in the Evolution of a Beast series
Rating: PG
Category: Drama
Disclaimer: No matter how hard I search on Ebay, no one's willing to sell me either the rights to the X-Men or Logan himself.
Archive Rights: I forgot to mention this with the first part. XMMFFC, WRFA, and the Med Lab. Otherwise, just ask.
Author's Notes: Again, I am blissfully disregarding Hank's comics history. Any relation between this story and the comics occur either by pure accident or because something struck my fancy and I had to include it.
Author Warning: Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that this series will ever be completed.
Dedication: For Terri Beri and Victoria P, who want more Hank fic.
Summary: Beast sleeps in different places until he finds a home.

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