Touch & Go


Logan surprises Marie, Marie surprises Logan, PWP ensues.

Young = 21 years old.

Date Completed April 19th, 2002.

He really shouldn’t have snuck up on her.

It was a dumb thing to do. You didn’t startle the girl with the lethal skin. You just didn’t.

But this girl made him feel happy and lighthearted. Not that he’d ever, ever admit that to anyone. She made him do goofy things, like watch Disney movies and go on roller coasters and wear pajamas to bed, just in case.

So where the hell were his pajamas now?

The bottoms, if you wanted to get specific. He only wore the bottoms. There was no way he could sleep in one of those stupid shirts with the buttons and the long sleeves, even for Marie. He wore only the bottoms, with a T-shirt.

Which was also conspicuously absent at the moment.

How odd that being naked was turning out to be the least of his problems.

He’d had dreams of this nature. Him. Marie. Scarves. A little gentle restraint.

Except, in the dreams, he’d been the one tying her up.

He jerked his arms again, felt no give in the bonds. The backs of his wrists were pressed up against the thick wooden rails of the headboard. He couldn’t rotate his hands enough to do any damage with his claws, which shot harmlessly out into thin air when he released them.

He wondered if that was pure luck on her part, or if she’d seen how to do it, planned it in her mind, thought it out before she made her move. She’d thought about the knots, of that he was certain. He wasn’t going anywhere.

He was deeply regretting teaching her such things.

Too late for that now. He’d taught her well, and now here he was. Naked. Tied to the bed. Under the determined gaze of a nearly naked Marie. She was sitting on his stomach, blocking his view of his lower half, but the draft he was feeling down there made it pretty clear that the only clothing he was in possession of right now was his birthday suit.

He was really, really regretting sneaking up on her.

“What’s wrong, Logan? You look perturbed.” She tilted her head and crinkled her brow in false concern. The little smartass.

“Untie me, Marie.”

“Afraid I can’t do that, sugar. That’s not part of the plan. And it’s important to stick to the plan. When you don’t stick to the plan, mistakes get made.” She leaned down, mouth just an inch away from his. “You taught me that.”

Smartass? Smartass didn’t even begin to cover it. “Not funny, darlin’. Let me up.”

The way she smiled at him made his stomach lurch and. . .oh shit. He felt a stirring between his legs, a rush of heat as his flesh stiffened and swelled. No no no no. That was not going to help things.

He closed his eyes, took a breath. Tried to think of something to say, tried to wrestle his body into submission. Failed on both counts. In his defense, he barely got started on either before he felt warm, damp breath in his ear, followed by the purr of Marie’s voice.

“I saw it, Logan. And I saw even more a few minutes ago when I knocked you unconscious. I know you want me.” Her tongue skated over his earlobe. If she didn’t knock that shit off, the only way he was going to wrestle his body into submission was with the assistance of some heavy machinery.

“Don’t matter. Not gonna happen.” God, what the hell had made him sneak up on her? Her control was excellent, but not when you crept up behind her while she was watching TV, not when you touched her neck with your cold fingers and made her jump.

The drain had been tiny, barely even enough to make him feel lightheaded for a second or two. But it had been enough for her to get a good dose of the thoughts that had been right there in the front of his brain when he’d touched her skin. He’d been thinking about how much he loved the nape of her neck, how he loved the feel of her warm skin under his fingertips.

How soft it was.

How beautiful it was.

How badly he wanted to taste it.

She hadn’t said anything about it at the time, but the looks she’d been giving him—thoughtful, and a little hungry—told him everything he needed to know.

Everything but, Better lock your door tonight, dumbass, because she’s planning something. Which was the one thing he was currently wishing he’d known.

She was moving, scooting down to sit on his knees, her bare legs folding on either side of his. “It’s really sweet how you always wear clothes to bed, just in case I have a nightmare,” she mused.

He snorted in reply, tried to ignore the fact that his erection was at full mast now.

She reached for the hem of the little T-shirt she wore. “But you don’t have to do that anymore.”

Huh? Do what anymore? It was so hard to think when she was. . .she was taking it off. She was taking the shirt off and she didn’t have anything on underneath it.

“I’d rather see you naked anyway,” she added as she pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor.

Sweet holy Jesus, those were some beautiful breasts. Perfectly sized and marvelously shaped, with tiny pink nipples that puckered in the cool air of the room. He swallowed hard, realized he was staring.

Realized she noticed he was staring.

She looked down at herself, then back up at him, an evil glint in her eye as she slid her hands up her stomach and cupped those perfect, marvelous, pink-nippled breasts. “Do you like them, Logan?”

Oh, yes. Yes yes yes yes. Somehow, he reminded himself that this was not supposed to be happening. “Knock it off, Marie.” Why did his voice sound funny? That was his voice, wasn’t it? It sounded so funny.

She dropped her head, lifted one shapely breast toward her mouth, and looked him dead in the eye as she flicked her tongue out over the nipple.

His jaw dropped. It was also quite possible that his eyeballs nearly popped right out of his head.

Marie smiled a naughty smile before moving her attentions to the other nipple, keeping her gaze on him. “Maybe if you behave yourself, I’ll let you play with them later,” she purred.

Yeah. Play with them. Later. For as long as he wanted. Yeah. Wait, no. . . He summoned a scowl and forced himself to look at her eyebrows, which were much less distracting than all that mouth/nipple business.

“This ain’t funny, kid. I don’t care what the hell you pulled out of my head. You’re too damn young and I’m not a pervert. So put your damn clothes back on and untie me. I ain’t jokin’ with you here. This can’t happen.” There. That was pretty convincing. Full-mast erections aside.

“It can. It’s going to.” She straightened, dropping her hands to his thighs, looking at him through narrowed eyes. He recognized that look. The predator sizing up the prey.

That was when he realized that if she had touched him long enough to knock him out, it was probable her sense of smell was still sharper than usual. Being the owner of just such a sense of smell, it was easy enough to imagine what it was telling her now.

It was telling her that he wasn’t being entirely truthful with her.

It was telling her that he did want this to happen, that he had wanted it for a very long time, and that the wait was rapidly becoming a struggle for him.

It was telling her that it would be a relief to be free of the burden of holding back, and a relief to have the decision taken out of his hands.

It was also telling her that he was extremely aroused, and that knowledge was probably doing all sorts of things to her own body.

She squirmed a little on his legs, the mischievous look back again. Her hands ran up his thighs as her gaze crawled down his body to his jutting erection. Oh no. She wasn’t going to—

Yep. She was.

She ran one finger lightly down his length, tilting her head as if in contemplation. The pads of her fingers feathered over him in gentle exploration, a teasing touch that made him moan. She stared at him intently, taking in all the different shapes and textures as her hand traveled over him again and again. Then she wrapped one small hand around him with a confidence that surprised him, and began to stroke him slowly.

“Marie…stop.” It didn’t sound at all genuine. Even to him. He could smell her now, smell the damp warmth between her legs and the heated excitement in her blood. That wasn’t helping. That really, really wasn’t helping. “Stop.”

Surprisingly, she did stop. Just long enough to lean forward, open her mouth and lick the head of his cock.

He hissed and jerked, then swore as she closed her lips around it and sucked gently. Then he bit his lip and tried to hold still as she explored him again, this time with her mouth instead of her fingers. She mouthed him with excruciating thoroughness, licking and nipping and tasting him all over. When she’d apparently satisfied her curiosity, she paused to swirl her tongue around the tip before taking him back into her mouth. She lowered her head slowly, taking in as much of him as she could before pulling back up. There was more gentle sucking, more teasing circling tongue, and then she descended again, picking up a tentative rhythm.

God, that was a sight. Marie, clad only in a pair of panties, perched on his legs. Her mouth taking him in again and again, all that soft hair tickling his hips and stomach. Far better than any of his dreams and fantasies, because it was really happening. It was really her, really doing that to him.

Oh shit, he was going to come.

“Marie. . .Marie. . .stop, baby, stop. Marie!” The sharp tone of his voice got her attention, and the desperate look on his face must have told her more than his words did, because she pulled away. Reluctantly, and with a little pout, but she pulled away. Her face was flushed and her lips were wet and her eyes were bright and oh God it was a good thing he was tied up, because he could think of a dozen things he wanted to do to her all at once.

And this had already gone way too far.

But at the same time, not nearly far enough.

“Had enough, sugar?” Oh, but she was evil.

“Uh huh,” he croaked. For some reason, when he tried to nod his head, he ended up shaking it instead.

She giggled at his apparent confusion, then scrambled off the bed and hooked her thumbs over the sides of her little panties, smiling at him sweetly as she wiggled out of them. She continued to smile at him as she dangled them from one finger, swung them in the air over the bed, and dropped them square onto his chest.

He lifted his head and stared at the tiny heap of pink fabric perched on his sternum. Little pair of soft cotton panties, still warm from the heat of her body. They were sopping wet, and smelled wonderful. He wanted to lick them.

Then she was straddling his hips, kneeling above him. His eyes ran up her body, lingered too long on the dark hair between her legs before continuing on to her face. He expected to see that evil glint in her eye again, a smirk on her face. But not this time. This time he just saw want.

But still. There were so many reasons why this wasn’t supposed to happen. He couldn’t actually think of a single one right now, but he was sure that they existed. “You shouldn’t be here.” A weak protest, but the best he could summon at the moment, what with the good-smelling panties and the naked Marie and the full-mast erection.

She smiled again, but it was not mischievous this time, not a smirk. It was soft, content. “This is the only place I should be, Logan.” Aw, that was kind of sweet.

And then she reached down between her legs and touched herself.

Holy shit.

If he didn’t breathe, he was gonna pass out. If he didn’t breathe, he was gonna pass out. If he didn’t breathe, he wouldn’t be able to smell her anymore, and that was worse than passing out.

“I know you can smell me, sugar.” What was she, a damned mind reader? Wait, that was a stupid question.

“I know you can tell how much I want to do this.” Her fingers teased the silky hair, delved within to brush over more sensitive areas. “I want you inside me so bad.” She slid a finger into her body, began to work it in and out slowly, then added a second finger.

Her eyes closed and her head tipped back as her hand moved between her thighs, heel of her hand rubbing against her clitoris as she slid her fingers in and out. She was making little noises now, breathy pants, and he could hear the soft, wet sound of her body opening and closing around her probing hand.

What was he supposed to be doing? Breathing?

She paused, withdrew her hand, and put her fingers to his mouth, let him lick at the moisture on them. Too soon, she took her hand away, returning again to her ministrations. When she paused again, he started to open his mouth in anticipation, but this time she reached for his erection instead, rubbing the wetness on her fingers across the head.

“What are you—“


She was getting ready to climb on, that was what she was doing. She lowered herself until her wet opening was pressed along the underside of his cock, pinning it between their bodies. And then she started to rub herself on it like a cat.

Well, this was it. He was going to die. Die, naked and tied to his bed. A happy man, but nonetheless a naked, tied up man. Who’d of thought?

She plucked her underwear from his chest and tossed them aside. His eyes followed them a little mournfully, but then she pressed herself against him and it was heaven. Her breasts rubbing against his chest, her hands in his hair, her lips hovering over his. And that sweet slickness between her legs, sliding against his aching flesh. It was everything he wanted, everything he dreamed about, everything he thought about far more often than he should.

He and Marie were everything to each other. He laughed with her and fought with her and left her alone when she needed it. He comforted her and stood by her and kicked her in the ass when she needed it. And she did the same for him. They were everything to each other.

Except this.

This was the thing that was missing, that he craved, that possessed his sleeping mind.

And he was so very tired of feeling like it was wrong to want it.

“Logan…” She was moaning now, grinding against him.

All that rubbing. So hot and smooth. The smell of her. The way she breathed his name. God.

Happy, dead, tied up man.

“You feel so good between my legs.” He swallowed hard, tried to speak, but she was licking his lower lip so, so slowly. Slippery friction on his lip and slippery friction on his cock, and every muscle in his body hard like iron, hands balled into fists where they were tied to the bed.

“Do you want to be inside me, Logan?” He shuddered at the thought, at her tongue sliding into his mouth, at how close to orgasm he was just from this. All he could do was make a small sound in the back of his throat as he kissed her back, pushed his tongue against hers.

The taste of her in his mouth was heavenly, the taste of him in her mouth even better. His lust took on a possessive edge and he lifted his head, kissed her harder, jerked his arms in a futile attempt to reach for her. He wanted more more more more…

And as if she knew exactly what he was thinking, she lifted herself up enough to reach between them, grasping his glistening erection in one hand, stoking it strongly as she kissed him harder.

“Oh, God.” She swallowed his cry, continued to nip at his mouth. “Just like that, baby. Just like that. God, so good…”

He thrust up into her hand, hips moving in a jerky rhythm as his head fell back onto the pillow. He was so close.

It was a horrible shock when she stopped stroking him, and his hips continued to move for a few seconds afterward, either in disbelief or denial. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” he squawked, opening his eyes just in time to see her, already in position, sinking down onto his erection.

He started to come before he was even completely inside of her. Too much. Being inside her was too much when he was this far gone, and even as he gave a passing thought to contraception, his hips snapped upward, and he hilted himself with a shout. He heard her suck in a breath and it occurred to him that he may have hurt her, but it was too late now and God he was coming so hard it felt like fire.

And absolutely nothing about it felt wrong.

He came back to reality a sweaty, panting wreck. Marie was grinning down at him, looking smug as could be. He raised an eyebrow at her, which brought forth a giggle. Shit, he felt like laughing, too.

They’d done it. Finally. And he didn’t feel dirty, and he didn’t feel bad. He felt relaxed. He felt relieved. And also, to be honest, a little embarrassed. He’d never been the hair-trigger type, and he was acutely aware that this was not only their first time, but Marie’s first time ever. And it had lasted all of 30 seconds.

She shifted, preparing to get off of him, but he moved with her, refused to let her dismount. “Hang on a sec.”


“Just stay there. I’ll be good to go again in a minute or two.”

“Oh.” Was she blushing? Hard to imagine she could still blush after that little performance, but she sure was. It was cute. And damned alluring. Especially when she bit into her bottom lip like that, when she was flushed and naked and perched on his erection.

Had he said a minute or two?

She squirmed on top of him as he returned to full strength inside her, then began to make bigger movements, rocking her hips experimentally.

“That’s right, darlin’. Do what feels good. Whatever you like,” he encouraged. He was all for letting her take her time and explore. He would sit back and enjoy the view.

After a few moments of testing the waters, she began to move in earnest, shifting to find the angle she liked best. After another few minutes, it was clear that, while pleasurable, the sensations were not intense enough to bring her to orgasm. For all her bravado and aggressiveness, this was all new to Marie. Trial and error.

Well, he’d just have to give her a hand. “I can help you, baby. Let me help you. Untie me.”

She paused in her motions, searching his face for signs of trickery. When she saw none, she reached for the end of the scarf that trailed down his right wrist and gave it a tug. One hand free. He couldn’t get it on her fast enough.

The first thing he did was grab her by the back of the neck and bring her mouth down to his. She squeaked in surprise, but the sound was lost in his mouth as he kissed her forcefully. His hand slid down her back to her ass, ground her hips against his.

“Mmmmm…” She moaned against his mouth and flexed around him.

“You like that?”


“Untie the other one.”

He let her up, watched her breasts sway above him as she reached for the scarf that secured his left arm. Free to use both hands now, he grabbed her by the waist, guiding her hips gently with his hands. “Like this. Ride me like this.”

“Logan…” Yep, that was the right angle.

“Keep goin’, baby.” He put one hand on her stomach, fingers splayed below her navel, thumb reaching down to press against her clitoris as she rolled her hips forward and down.

“Yes…” Her eyes slipped shut and her head tipped back, a picture of erotic abandon. “Oh…oh…please don’t stop.” Her hands came up to her breasts, kneading them, playing with the tiny nipples, and he desperately wished for more hands.

“I won’t, darlin. Keep goin’.” He flipped his hand over to slide two fingers between her legs, letting her clitoris slip back and forth between them as she moved. Her hips sped up and her thigh began to tremble under his arm as she rocked above him, and then she was coming. Tightening around him and shaking, pressing down on his hand with her body. Before it was even over, he wanted to make it happen again.

He let her recover for a minute or two, slumped forward on his chest, as he ran his hands up and down her back and kissed the top of her head. Before long, his fingers were inching their way down to her bottom again.

He rocked her against him gently, gave a few trial thrusts. “Sore?” he asked, pushing up into her again.



She squealed when he turned and flipped her beneath him, then giggled as he settled himself, adjusting his arms so he could brush his thumbs over her cheeks as he looked down at her. He kissed her softly. “You’re beautiful.”

A smile as she linked her arms across his back. “And you’re a lucky guy.”

He sighed in mock exasperation, which made her collapse into giggles again. Smart. Ass.

As much as he was enjoying the banter, he had other things on his mind. He also had a pretty good way to make her pay attention. He pulled back, nearly all the way out, then slid into her again, as slowly as he could bear.

Her eyes widened at the sensation. “Oh!”

He couldn’t help the wicked grin that rose on his face. “Feels different, huh?” Maybe he was being a little smug, but he’d taken his licks. Literally and figuratively.

“Yessssss.” She arched her back and gasped as he repeated the motion, whimpered as he pulsed against her before withdrawing again.

At first it seemed surreal, to be looking down at her, moving in and out of her, twining his fingers in her hair. He’d always thought he’d be much more frantic the first time, fighting to go slow for her sake. It had never been like this in all his fervid imaginings.

His imagination couldn’t provide him the small details. The smell of them mixed together. The way her breath puffed against his neck. The way her hands clutched at his back. The sounds she made. God, the sounds. Every one of them filling him with tenderness and pride and a longing to make her make them again. All that wonder on her face adding to the heat beneath his belly. And for the first time he felt joy in his heart to go along with the pleasure in his groin, and it was amazing. More than amazing. Addictive.

Addicted, happy, naked man.

He kept himself to a slow and steady pace, letting the sensation build for her. Whispered in her ear, kissed her anywhere he could reach, let his hips move a little faster, then a little faster. Worked himself in and out of her over and over, feeling the tension in her build until it was nearly unbearable for the both of them.

She was moving with him now, tossing her head as she met his rhythm. He reached down with one hand and tilted her hips until her eyes flew open. “God…Logan…”

Heh. That was him. Sex God Logan. “Almost there, Marie. Just a little more.”

“Yes…” She worked herself against him, sweaty hip sliding under his hand. A little harder, a little faster, her thighs quivering around him as he clenched his jaw and held himself back. So close.

“Oh God…Logan…now now now…” She lost her rhythm as her body jerked beneath him, but he didn’t falter. His hand tightened on her hip, held her down as he lost himself, rocking into her twice more before he exploded. He felt her lose control of her mutation for a split second, felt her skin pulling at him at every point of contact, licking at his nerves like fire. Then it faded away, leaving him moaning into her neck as she clung to his shuddering body.

He was drowsing happily, stuck like a postage stamp to Marie’s back, when she giggled.

“Whazzofunny?” he mumbled into her neck. Tired, happy, naked man. But he had to ask.

“Chocolate chip cookies.”

He opened his eyes. “You hungry?” Because he’d go get her some cookies. Shit, he’d go to France and get her some freakin’ bouillabaisse, if that was what she wanted.

“No, not me. You. You were thinking about warm chocolate chip cookies.” Another giggle. He liked the way that made her rub against him. He slid a hand up and down her thigh, weighing how comfortable and sleepy he was against how badly he wanted another round.

His body evidently didn’t need time to weigh anything. He pushed his erection against the curve of her ass, kissed her shoulder. “When was I thinking about cookies?” Yeah, maybe another round.

A nervous giggle this time. “You know…before. When you…you know…before.” He watched her ear turn pink as she stumbled over the words.

He lifted his head. “When I came?” he asked. Watched her ear turn from pink to bright red.

She squirmed and pushed her face into the pillow. “Yes.” Well, she wasn’t quite so brazen now, was she? Heh.

“I was thinking about chocolate chip cookies.” His skepticism was evident.

“Warm ones,” she reminded him.

He narrowed his eyes. “You’re making that up.”

She wiggled in his arms, turned to look up at him. He stroked her stomach beneath the sheet. Another round was looking more and more tempting with each passing second. “Am not. I saw it.” Her ears and cheeks were still flushed pink, but she was getting her back up about it and wasn’t quite so shy now.

He leered down at her. “Yeah, but you were a little distracted yourself at the time, if I recall.” He rubbed lazily against her leg, decided that the first thing he was going to do was make her come with his mouth.

“But I know what I saw,” she said stubbornly. “You were thinking about all kinds of good things. Mostly me, but cookies, too. And cold beer. Mostly me, though.” She paused, got that evil look in her eye again. Uh oh. “You were thinking that you love me,” she said with a grin that was at least as cocky as any he’d ever produced. He’d probably taught her that, too. “You love me a lot,” she added, smugly.

He rolled his eyes. “Guess that means I’m gonna be heartbroken if it turns out you’re just usin’ me for sex,” he replied as he yanked the sheet away and rolled on top of her. “In which case I’ll need a lotta cold beer so I can drown my sorrows.” Oh yeah, there were those breasts. If he remembered correctly, he had some quality time coming with those breasts.

“Like you ever need an excuse to drink beer.” She sucked in a breath as his hands found those nipples.

He slid down and nipped at her stomach. “Yeah, but I’m in more of a cookie mood right now.”

“Anytime, sugar.”

“You’re gonna be sorry you said that.”

She laughed, let him ease her legs apart. “Aren’t you glad you snuck up on me?”

The End.

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